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Post Graduation Reunions

Col Pettey Re-Commissioning Class 506 Delta May 2018

Friday Nite Dinner at Grand Concourse May 2018

Friday Nite 506 Delta Officers Assembled at Grand Concourse May 2018

Saturday Nite Banquet at The Country Club May 2018

Saturday lunch at Jerome Bettis restaurant May 2018

Saturday Re-Commissioning May 2018

Saturday Nite Entertainment May 2018

Thursday Nite Dinner on Mt. Washington May 2018

TAC Officers Plotting Another Task for 506 Delta

Tim Killion, Bob Hofmann, Avon IN July 2014

Dave Conn, Tim Killion USARSUPTHAI Reunion Colorado Springs 2014

Steve Koons, Dave Conn at 519th Trans Bn party, Thailand 1970 with Terry Hill and Frank Lindgren

Bob Hofmann, Tim Killion, Bill Graves at Bob Evaans in Brownsburg, IN, September 2014

Nancy Jane and Charlie Carson, Mike O'Neill at Pattaya Beach, Thailand 1970

LT Tom Spahn with housegirls, Sattahip Thailand February 1970

Mike O'Neill, Phil Vargas, Deepwater Port, Sattahip Thailand March 1970

519thDave Conn, Tim Killion USARSUPTHAI Reunion Colorado Springs 2010

Tim Killion, Arne Brosten Big Fork, Montana, September 2015

Kurt Ingold, Tim Killion Missoula, Montana, September 2015

Bill Graves, Bob Hofmann, Tim Killion Scotty's Brewhouse, Brownsburg, Indiana December 2015

Arne and Alice Brosten, Jeanette and Kurt Ingold, Big Fork, Montana December 2015

Tim Hill and Dave Conn, Ellenton, Florida February 2015

Jackie Hill, Sue Sweeney, Jerry Sweeney, Tim Hill, Mansfield, Ohio May 2016

506 Delta at Vietnam Memorial May 2015

1st Platoon at Graduation Photo Site May 2015

2nd Platoon at Graduation Photo Site May 2015

Killion Hofmann and Dixon Lunch July 2017 Illinois

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