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Hal Alvord

Hal and Paula Alvord

After 506 Delta, Hal Alvord remained in the OCR 1st Battalion until 1970, when he received orders for the 274th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter), Vietnam as a pilot/platoon commander/operations officer. After Vietnam, he returned to several stateside engineer assignments at Fort Belvoir and Fort Knox, Ky before moving to West Germany for a four year tour in Ludwigsburg and Kornwestheim. In 1981 he returned to USA for an assignment at U S Army Concepts Analysis Agency in Bethesda, MD. From there he moved to Fort Leonard Wood, KS as commander of 1st Bn, 3rd Brigade for 2 years. In 1986-87, he was selected to attend the U S Army War College and later chosen for a post graduate education opportunity. After receiving an MS degree in Public Administration at Shippensburg University, Hal was assigned to HQ U S Army, Pentagon. While there he was promoted to Colonel. His final assignment in the army was as District Commander for Pittsburgh District of the Army Corps of Engineers from 1990-93.

After retiring from the army in 1993, Hal worked for several engineering contractor/consulting firms in Pennsylvania, Nebraska and New York in various managerial positions for the next 10 years. He also is a Registered Professional Engineer. In 2003, Hal moved to Norwalk, CT where he has held the position of Director of Public Works ever since. His wife Paula is a registered nurse. They have a son Patrick who is an architect and a daughter Melinda, a special education professional.

John Beidler

John Beidler family

I was born on a cold and windy night (FACT CHECK: It was a hotter-than-hell Sunday morning in August) in the boxcar of a southbound freight (FACT CHECK: in an Army Air Corps hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi). Ok, you beanheads don't care about that. Let's cut to the chase. Like the rest of us, I guess, I went into the army right after college. I joined up to broaden my horizons (and because I decided that there was not much of a future for me in interpretative dance). Those horizons expanded beyond my wildest expectations. Within about a month of graduating as a stereotypical elitist, snot-nosed preppy from Princeton U., I found myself standing uncomfortably at attention in front of the "red speaker's stand" at Ft. Dix, NJ. Suddenly, I'm bunking with a bunch of yahoos from all over (geographically and socially) and taking orders from a Sgt. "Smiff" ("Excuse me, Sergeant, I believe that's SmiTH.") After the usual drudgery of basic and AIT (also at Dix) that we all went through, I wound up at Ft. Belvoir, sure that I was in for the beating of my life, but also fairly determined to survive it. With the exception of pogie bait, only a few distinct memories stand out. (You know you're in bad straits when a Krispy Kreme donut stands out as one of the high points of your six-month training experience.) One is that when I was serving as candidate company commander, I was relieved (I think) for reasons that I'm not clear on. If anybody knows the details of that, I'd love to hear about it. Another time, I got into huge trouble with the tac officer of one of the platoons in Alpha Company. I was the battalion candidate S3 and I did a random weapons inspection one day. It just so happens that this platoon had been on night maneuvers the previous night and had not cleaned their weapons. Needless to say, they got a less than satisfactory weapons inspection report from me (I think the expression "rock garden" may have appeared in my report.) In any event, I was called in to see the Alpha platoon tac officer, who was less than gracious in sharing his thoughts with me about my arms inspection. The upshot was that he ordered me to inspect every weapon in the battalion that day. I went to Lt. Maggard and he got me off with a spot inspection of a few platoons. (By the way, our platoon by no means ranked all that well in the spot inspection.) One of my favorite memories has to do with 1st Platoon and their senior tac officer. You may remember that he had 1st Platoon strip a tree somewhere and create a bigger-than-a-telephone-pole thing that they had to heave around as part of their PT. One of our guys (I vaguely recall that it was Spahn) got the idea of creating a similar pole of the same relative dimensions, only greatly miniaturized. It was proudly displayed outside our barracks with a sign "2nd platoon - 2nd to none". I think even Lt. Maggard thought that was pretty cute.

After OCS, I went to Ft. Eustis, Va. with Booth, Conn and Killion. We lived off-base in an apartment. I wound up serving as the Operations Officer of a LCM (Landing Craft Medium) boat company. Stateside duty in a draft army got pretty tedious; so I asked for orders for Vietnam, where I spent my final year of active duty. I was in the 15th Supply & Service Battalion of the 1st Cav, mostly at Bien Hoa, not too far north of Saigon and butt up against Long Binh airbase. I was the Executive Officer of the Supply Company and then Battalion Adjutant. On the whole, not a bad experience.

After mustering out, I entered law school - first at American U. in DC and then at Rutgers. After law school, I became an associate, and then a partner, at a firm here in my hometown of Princeton, NJ (where I still am). I was doing negligence and product liability defense litigation and that eventually led to my being recruited to go in-house at Johnson & Johnson to supervise their product liability. It was in law school that I met my wife Marsha, who is an estate planner. We spent 23 childless years of marriage before we got the crazy idea of adopting two kids (age 5 and 3) from a Bulgarian orphanage. That created some pretty dramatic changes in our lives, but we survived. They are both now in college and having entirely too much fun. I've been retired from J&J for 10 years and for most of that time was the major domo of the homestead and chauffeur for my kids. Now that they are out of the house, I volunteer as a tutor for middle school kids here in Princeton. Marsha and I enjoy international travel, especially when we can take the kids during their college breaks. I currently have my sights on Morocco. Marsha wants to go to Vietnam, but I'm less enthused about that. In the meantime, we're taking the kids on a cruise around the Adriatic Sea early this summer with stops in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece, Sicily and Malta. Our health is holding up fairly well. I did have a scare earlier this year when I suddenly had bright red blood in my urine. After a series of diagnostic tests, it was determined that I had a tumor in my left kidney. Tremendous doctors at Fox Chase Cancer Center removed the kidney laparoscopically. It was Stage One with no spread. So the surgery was curative - no chemo or radiation was necessary. So it looks like I may be around a while longer.

Glen Booth

Glen Booth

Jim Bowman

Jim and Natalie Bowman

After OCS, I remained at Fort Belvoir as Executive Officer at a transient company. We housed enlisted personnel who were awaiting orders to their first assignment. Because of the large number awaiting orders for Vietnam, the size of the Company varied from 200 to 800 soldiers. In March of 1970 I received orders for Vietnam where I served in the 169th Engineers. I served in the same battalion as Kurt Ingold and Dave Shows. I was a platoon leader with the battalion and we built a highway in an area 200 kilometers north of Saigon. I left active duty in March of 1970.

Upon returning to the states, I worked for the Navy as a junior project engineer in one of the Naval Systems Commands in Washington DC. We designed and tested underwater anti-submarine devices. Two years later, I left the Navy and entered graduate school at the University of Michigan where I earned a Masters in Statistics and an MBA.

I have been married to my wife Natalie, whom I met in Ann Arbor for 40 years. We have 2 adult children, Stephanie and Nicholas.

From 1975-1980, I was a recruiter and then compensation manager for Packaging Corporation of America. From 1980-1982, I was a corporate trainer for Baxter-Travenol Laboratories, also in Chicago. In 1982 the family moved to Appleton, Wisconsin where I joined a large papermill. There I was manager of Training and Development and then DIrector of Quality Assurance. In 1993, that job was eliminated and I started a consulting business which continued for 20 years until my retirement.

Currently I am pursuing 2 interests: public education and campaign finance reform. As a member of the local school board, I advocate for public education which is becoming a contentious issue in Wisconsin. I am also a volunteer for Move to Amend, a movement that seeks to reform our system of campaign finance.

Charlie Carson

Richard Childers

Rick Childers

Dave Conn

Dave Conn

After OCS I went with a lot of guys from our class to Ft. Eustis to get our branch transfer to Transportation. After Ft. Eustis, my duty station was Ft. Huachuca,Arizona where I basically played football, basketball and was captain of the golf team. (Every golf team "had" to have an officer to head it--I was the worst player). Just beginning to think this Army life was OK when I got orders for Thailand. Ran into Tim Killion in San Fran and we flew over together and were stationed together in Sattahip the whole time. Steve Koons joined us several months into our tour.

At end of tour---I was discharged in May 1970 I began a 30 year career in Real Estate that took me from Uniontown, Pa to Pittsburgh and finally to Naples, FL. I married my college sweetheart, Sallie Davis, and we have two daughters: Kellie and Rhonda. Rhonda has two children; Amanda 16 and Dylan 12. We moved to Tampa in 2004 to be near the grand-kids. After 30 years in Real Estate, I took an early retirement to work for Chuck Colson at Prison Fellowship Ministries. After nine years with PF, I retired for real. Sallie went to be with the Lord in May 2007. Current passions; teaching Bible Studies and helping Christian non-profits with their fund-raising. Also still enjoy scuba diving and running 1/2 marathons.

Ken Copley

After OCS, and Transportation Officer Orientation at Ft Eustis I went to Helicopter Flight School at Ft Walters, TX, then Chinooks at Ft Rucker, and AMOC at Ft Eustis. I was assigned to Vietnam from 1970-71 with 101st Airborne, Camp Eagle, Hue Phu Bai. Then back to Ft. Eustis as supervisor and then OIC at the Aircraft Maintenance School until 1975. Next to Hunter AAF base where I served as Maintenance OIC until 1978. Passed over for Major so switched to CW2 and off to Korea in 1979. Back to Ft Eustis and then Korea again in 1983, followed by assignment to Mannheim, Germany 1986-1989. Back to Ft Eustis and CW3. On promotion list for CW4 in 1991, but decided to retire as a Captain after 25 years in October 1991.

I worked as a School Guidance Counselor in Georgia for sixteen years and retired from that in 2007.

My wife Brenda and I have 3 daughters and 3 grandkids. Our oldest daughter Christy is a teacher. Lisa sells real estate. Rebecca is a county tax appraiser.

We spend our time between Rincon, GA which we recently relocated to and Elijay, GA where we have a vacation home. Belong to Good Samaritan Catholic Church where I am a Lector, Eucharist Minister, 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus.

Spending time these days gardening, hiking, kayaking, fishing. God is Good!

We enjoy travel and have been to Israel, all over Europe including Yugoslavia. Plan to continue our travel in the future.

Chris Coyne

After OCS, I attended Transportation Officers Orientation at Fort Eustis, VA. I was then assigned to the Philadelphia Outport where I worked with EAMTMTS (Eastern Area Military Terminal Management and Transportation Service). The following year I received orders for Vietnam where I served with the 4th Transportation Command at Newport.

Following military service, I attended graduate school, earned my doctorate and have been a Finance Professor at Saint Josephs University in Philadelphia for the past 37 years.

Currently living in Newark, Delaware.

Don Dickson

Following OCS, , I attended Ordnance Officer Orientation at Aberdeen, MD and was then assigned to ASCOM Depot in Korea in 1969-70.

After my discharge from active duty, my career has been in Industrial Sales. We have lived and worked in Wyoming 1974-89, South Carolina 1990-91, Colorado, 1991-93 and finally Texas, where we have resided since 1993.

My wife Jan and I have 2 sons, Brien and Mark who are both married. We have 3 grandchildren.

We enjoy travel in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. I have been busy with home remodeling and repair and volunteer work.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox,1LT(Ret)

After OCS, I attended Transportation Officers Orientation at Fort Eustis, VA. From there I was assigned to the Savanna Army Depot in Illinois. In 1969 I was sent to Vietnam where I served with the 119th Trans Co, (Terminal) at Vung Ro Bay and then the 1098th Medium Boat Co at Qui Nhon.

Following discharge from active duty, I worked in the financial area as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) for the Trust Investment Division of a bank and then in the Investment Department of an Insurance CO. I have also served as Director of Education for a non-profit investment education company.

I have 1 son and 2 grandsons, ages 3 and 7. Am currently living in Beverly Hills, Michigan with Susan, my significant other. I previously lived in East Lansing.

Enjoy exploring the "Great Lakes" and "lighthouse hunting". Looking forward to the reunion.

Bill Graves

Bill and Barbara Graves

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Basic at Aberdeen and then to Sandia Base in Albuquerque, NM along with Tim Hill, Dick Pelletier and Dennis Borst. I served as an instructor for two years. Following that I was sent to Korea as Operations Officer, Storage and Maintenance for the 7th Ordnance Company .

After my discharge from active duty we lived in Birmingham, AL and Denver, CO where I worked in mortgage finance for a large home builder for fourteen years before opening our own music store in Dillon CO, which we ran for seventeen years before retiring and moving back to New Ross, IN.

My wife Barbara and I have been married since OCS graduation in 1968. We have a son and daughter, 2 grandsons and another grandchild on the way.

We have been busy with 5 church planting mission trips to East Africa and 2 motorcycle trips to Alaska. Also enjoy pedal bike touring, mountain biking and skiing in Colorado.

Jerry Gutzwiler

Jerry Gutzweiler

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Officers Orientation at Aberdeen, MD. Shortly after, I was sent to Korea. After returning to the states and completing active duty, I remained in the reserves for 26 years. I served in Panama in Operation Just Cause in 1989-90.

I worked as a Forester and Land & Timber manager for Weyerhauser Company in Chehalis and Wenatchee, WA, where I live today.

Enjoy hunting, fishing and travel. Life has been good. I'm thankful for being an American.

Tom Hairgrove

After OCS, I was assigned to White Sands, New Mexico for my first year. Following that I went to Vietnam where I served at Chu Lai. After return from Vietnam, I completed a third year of active duty at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Following separation from active duty, I went to Veterinary School. I was in private practice from 1974 to 2008 in West Texas. After leaving private practice in 2008, I went to work for the Texas A & M Veterinary Extension Service where I continue to be employed.

My wife Peggy and I have 2 sons: Thomas, a LTC in the U S Army, and Ross, an MD. We currently live in Bryan, TX.

Tim Hill

Jackie and Tim Hill

After commissioning, Dick Pelletier, Dennis Borst, Bill Graves and I opted to enter into a voluntary indefinite status. In exchange for a three year commitment with no release date (it had to be requested) we received an initial two year assignment in the US to be followed by a final assigment out of the country. We were all assigned to the Defense Atomic Support Agency (DASA) located at Sandia Base in Albuquerque, NM. Pelletier became XO of Headquarters Company and Borst, Graves and I were assigned to the Nuclear Operations and Training Division. Graves and I were instructors and Borst served with a group responsible for maintaining equipment used to detect and monitor radioactive material. Great assignments. After more than two years, Pelletier received orders for Vietnam and Borst, Graves and I had orders for Korea. My orders were revoked because I had developed a health problem which eventually led to a military retirement.

Upon release from active duty in 1971, I attended graduate school at Georgia State University in Atlanta and received my MBA at the end of 1972. I spent my career as a financial officer in Higher Education with positions at the University of Richmond, Lehigh University, Rochester Univeristy with the final 20 years as VP of Finance at Hollins College, Hendrix College and the Ringling College of Art and Design. I retired in 2006. Jackie and I were married three weeks before I left for basic training at Ft. Dix and have now been married forty-six years. We have two sons, a daughter and five granddaughters. OCS was an important period in my life - it made me a better person.

Bob Hofmann

Bob Hofmann

Following OCS, I attended the Transportation Officers Orientation Course at Fort Eustis, followed by the Cargo Officers Course. Then I was assigned as Executive Officer for Special Troops at Fort Eustis. Received orders for Vietnam in 1969 and went to Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA on the way. Assigned to HQ for 4th Transportation Command in Saigon and then as a Platoon Leader with 402nd Terminal Company in Long Binh. After that I served as Company Commander with 9th Trans Company, II Field Force before rotating back to the USA where I served another 7 months with the Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, NJ. I had extended one year and left the Army as a Captain.

My wife Pat and I have 3 children, Robert III, Susan and Michael. We have 8 grandchildren with a 9th due in June of 2015. I worked for the New York Telephone Company from 1971 until 1996, retiring after 25 years service. Today NY Tel is part of Verizon. From 1996 to 2009 I worked for Cooperative Communications in Belleville, NJ and retired from there in 2009. During the 1971 to 2009 period we lived in New Jersey, mostly in Demarest. After retiring in 2009 we moved to Avon, IN and found out that I live only 5 miles from Tim Killion.

We have a second home in Lake Harmony, PA next to the Big Boulder Ski and Lake Resort allowing us to spend time with friends and family in New Jersey. We spend 5-6 weeks each winter with our daughter and her family in North Charleston, SC. I enjoy gardening, stock market investing and volunteer work.

Larry Hogan

Following OCS, I attended the Transportation Officers Orientation Course at Fort Eustis, followed by Harbor Craft Officers Course. Then I was assigned as Platoon Leader with 784th Medium Boat Company. at Fort Eustis.

In June of 1969 I was assigned as Platoon Leader for the 1098th Medium Boat Company in Qui Nhon. In January of 1970 I become Commander of 285th Stevedore Company in Qui Nhon and then back to the 1098th Medium Boat Company as Commander. Returned to CONUS in September 1970 and remained at Fort Eustis as an instructor at Ocean Terminal Operations (Transportation School) until January 1974. Moved to Bangkok, Thailand as a Staff Officer, J-4 Trans, USMACTHAI until May of 1976. Then on to Fort Campbell, KY where I served as S-3 for the 29th Trans BN, Commander of 372nd Trans Co., Plans Officer, G-4, 101st ABN Div and Log Officer, DISCOM also with the 101st ABN until I left active duty in August 1980.

I remained in the Reserves as an instructor with 3290 USARF School in Nashville, TN where I taught C&GSC from 1981 to 1996 when I retired.

From 1984 until 2011, I was employed by the Civil Service as Director of Religious Education at Fort Campbell. Also taught C&GSC Reserve School option at Fort Campbell and the Univ of Southern Mississippi (summer phase) for 14 years.

My wife Katie and I have been married since 1971 and we have 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls and 16 grandchildren.

I have enjoyed travel to Europe and Alaska. Interested in WWII on the home front-the training and everything it takes to train, equip and transport a 16.3 million man force. I lead a church homeless program one night a week. Also drive the Veteran Van service from Clarksville to the Nashville VA hospital on Mondays.

Rick Houser

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Basic at Aberdeen and then to Fort Knox as a Battalion Maintenance Officer. Following that year I went to Korea where I was first assigned as Battalion Maintenance Officer at Camp Casey and then as a Company Commander at Camp Payne.

Post army, I worked as an Air Traffic Controller, Division Manager at Herff Jones and as a co-owner at McGilvery's Pub and Eatery in Indianapolis.

I have one daughter and five grandsons.

Most of my travel is to Florida's Gulf Coast where I have a condo. Also like to visit Las Vegas and Hawaii. Still do some snow skiing.

Dave Hughes

After OCS I attended Transportation Officer Orientation at Fort Eustis. From there I was assigned to Fort Lewis WA where I served with the 15th Support Brigade for the remainder of my active duty.

Following my discharge in 1970 I worked for AXA Financial (Equitable Life Assurance Society) until retiring in 2005. We lived in Santa Ana, CA, New York City, Berkeley Heights, NJ and Newport Coast, CA where we presently reside.

My wife Cynthia and I have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Heather and Holly live in NJ and Melissa lives in TX.

We are working hard to complete our "Bucket List" by traveling frequently.

Kurt Ingold

Kurt and Jeanette Ingold

Kurt and Jeanette Ingold

Following OCS, I attended the Mechanical Maintenance Officer Course at Aberdeen, along with Arne Brosten. Following this I was assigned to Fort Riley, KS (along with Arne). First assignment was doing some reviews and inspections and then on to a job as platoon leader of the 55th Panel Bridge Company. In March 1969 I received orders for Vietnam and flew over on the same plane with Arne. I was assigned to the 169th Engineer (Construction) Battalion. I was a platoon leader with the 43rd Engineer Company (Dump Truck) in Long Binh. Later assigned to B Company as the Earthmoving Platoon Leader and later acting CO. The Battalion's primary mission was the Line of Communication and upgrading National Highway 20 from Xuan Loc north to II/III Corps border. Jim Bowman and Dave Shows also served in the 169th Battalion at the same time. Upon return to USA, I was assigned to Headquarters Company of the 16th Engineer Bn of the First Armored Division at Fort Hood, TX. I extended to August of 1970 as I was planning to return to college in the fall.

I passed the CPA exam in 1972 and practiced public accounting until retiring in 2012. During that time I worked for an international CPA in Seattle for 3 years and then returned to Missoula in 1975. In Missoula I practiced as co-owner of several small accounting firms that grew over the years. I earned the Certified Financial Planner designation in 1986 and served as a co-owner and director of a local Savings and Loan for fifteen years.

My wife Jeanette and I have been married since 1965. She has always been a writer, and after teaching, newspaper reporting and editing, became a young adult historical novel author and speaker, with seven published novels. We have a daughter who is a Nurse Practitioner in Olympia, WA where she lives with her husband and 2 sons. She was an Army nurse for 7 years. Our son and his wife live in Hailey, Idaho where he is a Geologist with a global information system specialty, currently working on underwater surveying off the coast of Australia as part of the search for Flight MH 370 aircraft.

We enjoy travel and have been all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii along with visiting family and grand children. We still backpack, mostly now in Montana. In 2004, Jeanette and I did a 10 day self-guided tour of my area of operations in what was South Vietnam. Highway 20 was in good shape and we were able to find the remains of one of our base camps. Economic development in the area was strong with small homes and businesses where jungle and rubber trees were in the past.

I play Old Time Piano, solo and with a group, and am currently involved with a number of community volunteer activities.

Rick Kaffenberger

Rick Kaffenberger

I was on active duty briefly - did some mandatory reserve time and left the military. My career has focused on health care management and now Gerontology. I am a lecturer in aging services at the University of Massachusetts - Boston.

Tim Killion

Killion Family New Years Eve 2012

Killion family New Years Eve 2012 Barcelona

Entered U S Army in June 1967 at Albany, NY, with basic and AIT training at Fort Dix, NJ. Many from our OCS class were in the same BCT and AIT units. We were Rocky's Rangers D-3-1 in AIT. After commissioning, reported to Ft. Eustis for TOOC with 20+ other TC Lt's from 506D for 8 weeks. Several of our class attended Harbor Craft Deck/Engine Course. While at Ft. Eustis I roomed with Beidler, Booth and Wasser in Newport News. Assigned to 7th Trans Cmd and 599th Trans Co. as maintenance officer and then XO. In June 69, received orders for US Army Support Thailand. Met Dave Conn at Travis AFB and Steve Koons in Bangkok. Arrived in country several days before Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in July. All 3 of us were assigned to the 519th Trans. Bn. Steve went north to Khon Kaen while Dave and I went south to Sattahip and Camp Vayama. 519th did convoy work, short and long haul to the AF and Army bases in country and to Laos border for the "Secret War". Mike O'Neill and Charlie Carson arrived in country in September but worked at the port. There were several Lt's from 507H and 508A, assigned to battalion and port operations at Camp Samae San. All in all, an interesting tour. Processed out in early May '70 at Oakland Army base right around time of Kent State shootings.

Secured a job with a chemical company in Rahway NJ where I worked for three years. Left in 1973 for graduate school. Attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for 2 years and got my MBA in June 75. While there I met a wonderful woman who became my wife. Sarah and I moved to Indianapolis that June where we raised our three children. I took a job with Peerless Pump Company and worked there for more than thirty years with my last ten as Director of International Sales. Retired in early 2006, did some contract work for several years and now happily retired. Sarah worked with non-profit health care groups and retired in 2014. Our three children graduated from Indiana University. Mark works in pharmaceutical sales and lives here in Avon with his wife Heather and our two grandsons, 18 and 16. Daughter Jennifer lives in Barcelona, Spain and is an administrator with the American School. Michael lives in Denver with his wife Sarah and works in market research.

Active in retirement doing volunteer work with USO, Habitat for Humanity, Veterans organizations. Lots of biking, hiking and traveling. In March of 2014, I completed hiking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage (The Way)in northern Spain.

Have stayed in contact with Dave Conn over the years and saw him last in 2014 USARSUPTHAI reunion. Saw Steve Koons at a 2004 USARSUPTHAI reunion. Hoping to be able to contact as many of our class as possible and catch up.

Jim Kolb

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Officers Orientation at Aberdeen, MD and Quartermaster orientation  with Jim Frye at Fort Lee (for reasons I never understood, since I was to be an ordnance officer). From  there I returned to Fort Belvoir where I worked at the Institute for Systems Analysis (part of the Combat  Development Command) working on the proposed “McNamara Line”. The following year I was assigned  to Eighth US Army (and UN Command) in Seoul, Korea where I was the Military Family Housing officer  and was able to wrest illegal funds from the Post Engineer, enabling us to completely refurnish over 200  miltary housing units in Seoul and the Navy base at Pusan. 

Following my discharge from active duty, I worked for the US government, primarily with the US  Department of Health and Human Services, until I retired in 2002.

My wife Sandy and I currently live in Washington, DC. Our children live in Greeley, CO and here in DC.  

Travel has included Europe, Egypt, South America, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia  and New Zealand.

Ernie Maggard

Ernie Maggard

After Class 506 Delta graduated, Ernie became the 1st Battalion XO for the OCR before being discharged from the Army later that year.

He returned to college and completed his degree at Rice University in Houston and began a career in sales in the petrochemical industry. He worked for Taylor Instruments and later Masoneilan Company a valve manufacturer where he became Southeastern Regional Manager. In 1984 he formed his own company, selling some of the same products and eventually, the company became Masoneilan's largest manufacturers rep in North America. Ernie sold the company in Baton Rouge, LA in 2004 and moved to Round Rock, TX.

He and his wife Debbie have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They enjoy travel and cruises.

Ernie is active in his church as an usher, substitute teacher and care group leader. He is active in Bible Study Fellowship and Gideons International.

Mike O'Neill

Mike O'Neill Birthday April 2014

Mike O'Neill Birthday April 2014

Following OCS, I attended Transportation Officers Orientation Course at Fort Eustis, followed by the Cargo Officers Course. Assigned first as a Platoon Leader with 451st Transportation Co. (Stevedore), then as Adjutant with 182nd Trans Battalion at Fort Eustis. Sent to Thailand with USARSUPTHAI where I was assigned as a Pier Officer with the Terminal Command at Camp Samae San in Sattahip. After discharge from active duty, I joined the 706th Trans Group (Railway) in Chester, PA where I served as Trainmaster and CO of Headquarters Company. Presided over the disbanding of the last railroad unit in the army.

I have been married to Judy since 1992 and we have six children and 12 grandchildren between us.

Worked in pharmaceutical sales with Upjohn, real estate sales, insurance sales as well as industrial equipment and supply sales. After retirement, I've worked part-time at Home Depot and full-time at Lowe's.

Enjoy travel and in 2002 went to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland.

Dick Pelletier

Dick Pelletier

Present status - sort of retired. Marie and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary this July (several members of 506-D were in our wedding). Our 4 kids (3 sons and a daughter) are all married and we have ten grandchildren. Would love to join in a reunion as OCS was truly the worst and best of times.

Harry Popewiny

Harry Popewiny

Harry left his assignment as Company Commander, Delta Company, 1st Bn, OCR and the U S Army at the end of May 1968.

He was employed for thirty four years with Cooper/Rolls Royce engine company. His family lived in Chicago, Denver, Houston and Mt. Vernon, Ohio, where they currently reside. He also worked 2 years for Lowe's.

Harry and his wife Elaine have 1 son and 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. 2 boys and 2 girls.

They enjoy travel and have been all over the world with the exception of Asia.

John Radacsi

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Officer Orientation at Aberdeen. In September 1968, I (along with Jim Mather) was assigned to the U S Army Garrison at Fort Lee and then in January 1969 to the 151st Stock Control Detachment, also at Ft. Lee. The Detachment was intended to be a mobile, computerized, field supply and control unit. However, during our tenure it continued to be put off by "IBM is still getting the bugs out". Jim Mather wrangled leave and went surfing in California and I borrowed his car to visit Virginia's Civil War Sites - creating an interest I still retain.

In early April 1969, I was assigned to the 8th U S Army Headquarters, G-4 in Korea and in September was further detailed to something called the "Equipment Readiness Improvement Program", also at G-4. As Vietnam had such a high supply priority and for a long time, it was affecting the readiness of the divisions in Korea. The program handled critical replacements through command channels rather than through supply channels.

On 5 May 1970, I was relieved from active duty in Washington and joined my wife, Geri, in West Hartford, Connecticut where she had moved when I went off to boot camp at Fort Dix, NJ. Shortly thereafter we moved to a neighboring town, Farmington, where our daughter Sara was born and where Geri and I continue to live.

I worked for the State of Connecticut in the Governor's department of planning, budgeting and management (i.e. OMB at the federal level) for 33 years on numerous issues where the focus was on the physical development or the conservation of the state.

Geri and I have traveled extensively in the USA, Canada and Europe and in parts of the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. We are self taught tennis players which is all too evident. We have interests in history and in the arts when Geri is not writing poetry and getting it published. I serve on the town's conservation and wetlands commissions.

John Reagan

Bobbi and John Reagan

After OCS, I was assigned to Fort Riley, KS until March 1969, when I received orders for Vietnam. I served with the 168th Engineer Battalion until March of 1970.

Following my discharge from active duty, I attended law school. I have practiced oil and gas law and lived in Oklahoma City for 35 years. Prior to that I lived in San Antonio and Houston, TX.

My wife Robbie and I have 2 children and 4 grand children with 1 more on the way.

We enjoy traveling and have been to England and Wales, Mexico, Canada and much of the USA. My interests are family and performing music (guitar and bass).

Bob Rutter

After OCS I attended Ordnance Officers Orientation at Aberdeen, MD. Following that I was assigned to Walter Reed Hospital to be a Family Housing Officer. This entailed preparing a report for DOD that would prove that both enlisted and officer families were facing significant financial hardships living off post and that off base housing was critically needed. My understanding is that DOD finally began construction of high-rise apartments about 5 years after my report. I completed my active duty at Walter Reed Hospital.

Following my discharge from the service, I began working for Aetna Property & Casualty Insurance Co. in Branch Office Marketing, Home Office Marketing and Home Office Field Management. I did a short stint with the Travelers Property & Casualty Commercial Insurance Division before retiring. I came out of retirement to start a Property & Casualty Insurance Agency in Springfield, Missouri. Ten years later I retired for a second time and am enjoying it.

I have a daughter Renee who lives in Charleston, SC. I am divorced but have been living with a wonderful woman named Peggy for the past 13 years.

Have lived in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Granby, CT, and currently reside in Springfield, MO. We spend as much time as possible at a second home, 30 miles from Springfield near Table Rock Lake and the White River.

We love to travel and go to Aspen, CO each year and are leaving for Naples, FL for 3 weeks before heading to the reunion. We have enjoyed Mediterranean cruises, but have found that we enjoy even more, river cruising. Paris is our favorite city. So much to see and do.

Dave Sandt

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Officers Orientation at Aberdeen, MD. In 1969 I received orders for Vietnam where I served with the 1st Logistical Command in Danang. I decided to remain in the Army and transferred to the Finance Corps. Had assignments in Augsburg, Germany, Ft. Sill, OK, Ft. Jackson, SC, Ft. Riley, KS. Then back to Stuttgart, Germany, Ft. McPherson, GA, then back to Ft. Riley where I was with 1st Infantry Division as Commander of the 1st Finance Support Unit. I retired from the Army as a Colonel in 1994. We moved a total of twelve times while on active duty.

Following military service, I have worked as a financial officer at Georgia State University from 1994 to 2014.

My wife Denise and I have a daughter and 2 grandchildren. We lived in Atlanta, GA for sixteen years and moved to Elgin, SC 2 years ago.

Enjoy travelling and have been throughout Western Europe and portions of the Middle East. We try to make it to the beach at least once a year.

Jerry Sweeney

Jerry Sweeney Family

Jerry Sweeney Family

After OCS, I attended Ordnance Basic at Aberdeen and then to Fort Knox as Executive Officer at the Clerk Typist School. Following that year I was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea where I was sent to the 702nd Maintenance Battalion, first as Shop Officer of C Company and then as D Company Commanding Officer.

Following discharge in 1970, I started in the restaurant business in Ohio. First with Brown Derby Restaurants of Ohio and then with my own restaurants in Galion, OH and then Sweeney's Too in Mansfield, retiring in 2009.

My wife of 48 years, Sue and I have 2 sons, one in Cincinnati and one in Ft. Lauderdale. We have 5 grand children, ages 6 to 21.

We have a cottage and boat on Lake George, NY and spend every February and March in Pompano Beach, FL. Enjoy cooking and woodworking. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Gene "Sparky" Wilson

Wanda and Sparky Wilson

Wanda and Sparky Wilson

"Military assignments and locations while on active duty?" It took me 28 years to decide I wasn't going to make the Army a career so bear with me on this section. Our first assignment was to Ft Campbell, KY and the 561st Supply and Service Battalion where I served as the Battalion S-4. From there I was transferred to Charlie Company, 707th Maintenance Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, located at Camp Kaiser, Korea. I was there a year plus and served as the Tech Supply Platoon Leader for three or four months and then took over as the Company Commander. As I was readying to leave command, I called the assignments branch and asked for assignment anywhere in the western part of the United States. Branch jumped right on it and promptly issued me orders to report to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We were at Ft Bragg from 1970 to late 1972. I started out as the Battalion S-2/3 and HHC Commander and then took command of Alpha Company and its 465 paratroopers. Next was an assignment in 1973 to the 704th Maintenance Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, where I was the Tech Supply Officer then Deputy OIC, of the Division Material Management Center. For the last few months of this tour I helped form up Brigade 76 at Fort Carson and moved with it to Wiesbaden, GE. I was OIC of the Brigade Material Management Center in 76 and 77. We then relocated to the 8th Infantry Division in Bad Kreuznach, GE in 1977 where I was the Maintenance Staff Officer in the G-4. Following time at Ft Leavenworth, as a Command and General Staff College student, we were assigned to Fort Riley, KS and the 1st Supply and Transport Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division. There, I was the Battalion XO and later served as the DISCOM Security, Plans, and Operations Officer. Next, we were ordered to Kafertal, GE where I commanded the 51st Maintenance Battalion, 21st Support Command. And after that, I became the Deputy Commander of Combat Equipment Group, Europe. Following attendance at Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C., we were transferred to MacDill AFB, FL where I served as Asst. J-4 for the US Special Operations Command. In 1989, I was transferred back to Ft Bragg, NC to command the 46th Support Group, XVIII Airborne Corps, during the Desert Shield/Storm timeframe. I was truly impressed with the outstanding performance of our troops in combat. And, if you're still reading this (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) our last assignment was to Warren, MI in 1991 where I was the TACOM Chief of Staff until 1995.

"Family Information?" I married my beautiful wife, Wanda, between AIT and OCS and she put up with all of the moves while raising two great daughters. Wanda retired from Pfizer two years ago. Our oldest daughter, Stephenie, has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and is a senior leader at Novartis. Her husband, Jeff, is an LTC in the Army at Fort Bragg - he is one of the many soldiers who have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stephenie and Jeff have two children - Lauren seven and Gavin five. Our youngest daughter, Amanda, has her MBA and is a Senior Auditor at MetLife. Her husband, Sean, recently finished an assignment as Special Assistant to the MetLife CEO and is managing sales now. Amanda and Sean have two children - Addison five and Guy 1-1/2 years old.

"Employment background?" When I retired from the Army in 1995 we moved back to our home in Tampa and I went to work for DynMeridian as their Senior Analyst for Low Intensity Conflict and Special Operations. The actual job was to link the efforts of the Navy's Office of Special Technology to the needs of special operations units. In 1997 I decided to try something totally different and bought a small company - The Wilson Group Enterprises, Inc. That decision resulted in a whole lot of 24/7 work until I sold it in 2005. For the last nine years I've been the Program Manager of our Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) in Lee County, NC, and teach CERT classes at the local college.

"Travels and Interests?" We have enjoyed cruises and trips to Costa Rica, Mazatlán, and Aruba, plus many trips around the US to see family and friends. Hobbies include golf, bicycling and cars. We live in a gated community with two Robert Trent Jones, Sr. 18-hole golf courses and try to get in two or three rounds a week. I love bicycling weekly plus one yearly long ride. I also have a passion for sports cars and own a red Corvette convertible that we have run at high speed on the Talladega Super Speedway. Normally though, it's our sunny Sunday car used for cruises with the local Corvette Club.

Bill Zimmer

Joan and Bill Zimmer

Joan and Bill Zimmer

After OCS, I attended Transportation Officers Orientation at Fort Eustis, VA. I was then assigned to Fort Benning, GA. The following year I received orders for Vietnam where I served with TMA MACV at Qui Nhon.

Following military service, I worked for Merrill Lynch from 1974 to 2004, when I retired as Vice President and Investment Advisor.

My wife Joan and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

We lived in Hauppage, Long Island, NY until 2004 when we moved to Centre Hall, PA where we presently reside.

Enjoy growing vegetables and fruit on 2 acres which we donate to local food banks. Also coordinate 10 other growers who do the same work.

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